Antique pistol given to police

A revolver more than 70 years old has been handed in to Port Kembla Police Station.

A 34-year-old Port Kembla woman surrendered the firearm and two leather pouches on Wednesday morning.

The woman told police the revolver, a Harrington and Richardson Young America Double Action centre fire model, had belonged to her father.

File picture.

File picture.

Lake Illawarra community safety officer Jason Harrison said antique weapons were occasionally handed in when people went through deceased estates.

"Traditionally, family members who served in the war had trinkets and keepsakes ... [and] brought them back. It's probably not as common now - each year we get several handed in."

Sgt Harrison said the woman didn't appear to have any sentimental attachment to the revolver.

"I'd take a guess that she doesn't want something like that in the house," he said.

The woman surrendered the weapon in line with the NSW unconditional surrender of firearms for destruction legislation.