CELEB GOSS: Katherine Heigl sues store over tweet

Katherine Heigl. Picture: REUTERS

Katherine Heigl. Picture: REUTERS

Actress Katherine Heigl is suing a US drugstore chain for $6 million because it tweeted a photo of her shopping there.

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Paltrow, Martin attend party together

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have attended the birthday party of Robert Downey, Jr together, weeks after going public with their ‘‘conscious uncoupling’’.

They were joined by their son Moses, eight, and daughter Apple, nine, at Downey Jr’s 49th-birthday party, which was held at the Los Angeles home of Paltrow’s Iron Man co-star.

According to People.com, eyewitnesses said the pair looked like any other married couple, holding hands, laughing and joking.

Paltrow and Martin revealed the end their 10-year marriage late last month, but insisted they would continue to co-parent and put their children first.


Veronica Mars star elated with No Kids Policy success

Kristen Bell says she thinks ‘‘making conscious choices’’ should be a social requirement.

The 33-year-old Veronica Mars star spearheaded a #NoKidsPolicy campaign on Twitter in February, in which she refused to give interviews with media outlets that publish pictures of celebrity children.

Her stance has garnered support from several major outlets, but Bell knows reaching her objective requires community effort.

‘‘There will always be hurdles as long as there is media and there are people in the spotlight having children,’’ the mother-of-one explained to JustJared, the first news provider to support Bell’s efforts.

‘‘Having huge entities like you guys and everyone else that’s joined, agree that, ’Hey, kids should probably be off limits’.

‘‘It’s just making conscious choices and saying, ’Oh, let’s ask consent from the parents’. And so far, ABC across all platforms, and Good Morning America, and all of these pretty substantial media sources have come out publicly after you guys did. I’m impressed with the support,’’ she said.

Bell’s next step is reaching out to photography agencies and the paparazzi as a whole.

‘‘Now we’re asking the photo houses to basically stop purchasing the photos of children, so that when paparazzi are shooting families, they don’t really have any choice of where to sell it,’’ she revealed.

‘‘It’s an ongoing battle but I think we’re making great headway.’’Bell welcomed her first child with husband Dax Shepard in March 2013, and the pair have been advocates of keeping kids out of the press ever since.

But the Safety Not Guaranteed star also finds time to help other charity causes that are dear to her heart.

‘‘I find a new one each week,’’ she smiled.

‘‘I’ve been working a lot, since about nine months ago, with an organisation called PATH, which is People Assisting the Homeless.’’


Amanda Bynes blames weed for erratic behaviour

Actress Amanda Bynes blames her erratic behaviour on dope smoking.

The troubled Hollywood star completed a stint in a rehabilitation centre in 2013 for mental health evaluation after a spate of bizarre antics.

The Hairspray star’s mother Lynn has now spoken out to insist her daughter is not suffering from any mental illness and is adamant smoking too much weed was responsible for her bizarre behaviour.In a statement released by family lawyer Tamar Arminak, Lynn said: ‘‘Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever. She has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar. She is very sorry for all the hurtful tweets, statements and actions that occurred while she was under the influence of marijuana.’’

Bynes was placed in a rehab unit in 2013 after a series of odd antics culminated in her starting a fire on the driveway of a neighbour’s home in California.


Courtney Love ready to ditch shocking antics

Courtney Love performs in New York. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Courtney Love performs in New York. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Rocker Courtney Love says she is ready to leave her bad girl days behind.

The Hole frontwoman is well known for her controversial behaviour, frequently becoming embroiled in public arguments and even exposing herself in photographs.

However Kurt Cobain’s widow, who turns 50 in July, insists she is ready to leave her shocking antics behind her and is finished with her days as a hard-living rock chick.

‘‘People expect this behaviour from you, but I’m just bored of it. So I’ll be that girl on stage but I’m just over it. Taking my bra off and showing my boobs. You’ll still get the unexpected, but I don’t really have the desire to be a cliche,’’ she told Britain’s NME magazine.

‘‘It doesn’t mean I’m... boring... but it just means I like to play rock ’n’ roll and play it really fast and really hard and I get off on that. That’s where I put my energy. And I could use all that power and that energy for, at this age, good.’’