Man who robbed sick mum refused appeal against sentence

A North Wollongong man who broke into his mother's home and stole money while she was sick in hospital has lost his bid for a reduced prison sentence.

Michael George Hinderry was jailed for a total of 18 months earlier this year after pleading guilty to charges of break, enter and steal and breaching an apprehended violence order that had barred him from going within 200 metres of his mother's house.

Hinderry appealed the sentence, believing the penalty was too severe.

Facing Wollongong District Court on Friday, the 43-year-old sought to have his non-parole period of 12 months reduced, with his lawyer claiming the death of his mother in September last year made for a significant change in the circumstances surrounding his offending behaviour.

The court heard Hinderry had a lengthy criminal history involving violence, much of it against his mother. In his most recent crime, which took place on May 3 last year, Hinderry broke into the woman's Coniston home while she was in hospital and stole $3000 she had hidden in pockets of three coats kept in her bedroom closet.

Police were called to the address the same day after neighbours noticed the garage door had been damaged and forced open.

Fingerprints lifted from both the garage door and the wardrobe containing the jackets were identified as Hinderry's. He was arrested on October 16 last year.

Hinderry's lawyer described her client's crime as "opportunistic", saying it didn't involve any direct contact with the protected woman.

She argued Hinderry had significant mental health issues that might make the court consider the 18-month total prison term to be "lengthy".

However, presiding judge Paul Conlon refused to reduce the penalty, saying the appeal had no merit given Hinderry's long history of offending.