Luke's shot at making it big in pro wrestling

Wollongong wrestler Luke Potter. Picture: CHRISTOPHER CHAN

Wollongong wrestler Luke Potter. Picture: CHRISTOPHER CHAN

American professional wrestling is one of the greatest spectacles in world sport, and Wollongong man Luke Potter will soon have a shot at a dream he has chased since he was five.

Potter will defend his world Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Championship title at Dapto next weekend, but his eyes are set on a bigger prize - a berth with one of the top wrestling companies in the US. He will travel to Orlando, Florida, to train under the Duzley Boyz, before a try-out with the US's biggest wrestling company.

"It's about showing people what you can do, earning the respect of your peers, and having a character people can invest in," Potter said.

Professional wrestling had its detractors with its stylised violence and dramatic storylines - "it's a male soap opera" - but in the ring there was not much stylised about it, Potter said.

"I've played rugby league my whole life, but wrestling is the most physical thing I've ever done. When I'm in there, it's 100 per cent real. I'm hitting people, getting hit."

With a new character, "the Australian Freebird", Potter said he had hopes of building a career in the US.