Bulli man paid for sex with stolen card: court

A Bulli man used a stolen credit card to pay for sexual services, a court has heard.

Nathan John Schmalz, 28, is accused of breaking into two Illawarra homes over the Easter long weekend and stealing items including laptops, phones and wallets containing the credit cards.

Police allege less than two hours after each offence was committed, Schmalz used the credit cards in an attempt to purchase items from service stations, before using one of the cards to pay for a prostitute in Wollongong.

Police documents tendered to Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday claim Schmalz tried to purchase a sexual services package worth $399, however, the transaction was declined. It is alleged he tried again, this time choosing a less pricey package, costing $209. The transaction was successful.

Police were advised of the transactions and attended the scene, arresting Schmalz on the spot.

During a subsequent interview, Schmalz allegedly denied any knowledge of the break and enters - the first of which occurred on Saturday and the second on Sunday - or the credit card purchases.

However, when shown CCTV footage from one of the service stations, Schmalz identified himself and confessed to trying to make purchases with the cards but would not elaborate on who had broken into the two houses.

Police will allege Schmalz himself was responsible for the break and enters.

"The accused's versions have no credibility and are an attempt to distance himself from the break and enter offences," police wrote in the fact sheet.

Seeking bail on Tuesday, Schmalz told the court through his lawyer that he was working full-time, could live in Bulli with his parents and had significant health issues that would affect him if he remained in custody.

He also said he could provide a surety of up to $2400.

However, police opposed bail, saying Schmalz had a lengthy criminal record, which included convictions for previous break and enters and not turning up to court.

Magistrate Mark Douglass refused to release Schmalz from custody, noting he was "at real risk" of serving a long prison sentence if convicted.