Oak Flats woman repeats offence two days after sentence

An Oak Flats woman has escaped spending time behind bars for her second case of drink-driving, which occurred two days after she had been sentenced for the first.

Monique Marilyn Miller, 19, was given a second chance by a Wollongong magistrate earlier this year when she was placed on an eight-month good behaviour bond for drink-driving last October.

At the time, Wollongong Local Court heard Miller crashed into another vehicle while reversing her car on to the nature strip along Barnes Road, Warilla.

The L-plater was arrested at the scene and taken to Lake Illawarra police station, where it was revealed she had a blood alcohol reading of 0.137.

Learner and provisional drivers have a zero blood-alcohol limit.

Magistrate Geraldine Beattie sentenced Miller on January 16, warning her not to drink and drive again. However, just two days later, Miller was again found driving under the influence, this time coming to police attention when she drove at night without headlights.

The court heard highway patrol officers spotted Miller's vehicle travelling along Henry Street in Warilla at 3am without lights.

They followed the car for a short distance, observing the headlights flick on and off twice.

Miller was upfront with the officers when pulled over, telling them her driver's licence had been suspended by the court and that she had been drinking alcohol.

In court on Wednesday for sentencing, Miller said she had begun to clean up her act.

Her lawyer said Miller, who is in the early stages of pregnancy, was now living with her mother on the condition that she not drink or take any drugs - issues that plagued her in the past.

In suspending a seven-month prison sentence, Magistrate Mark Douglass acknowledged Miller appeared to be trying to reform.