Police urge Illawarra motorists to be safe at long weekend

Wollongong police are urging residents to play safe and go slow this long weekend.

Two police operations have kicked off - Operation Irwindale, which targets anti-social behaviour, and Operation Go Slow, which aims to reduce traffic infringements.

Double demerit points will be in place until midnight Sunday and police will be specifically targeting drink-driving, speeding, fatigue, the use of mobile phones while driving, and the wearing of seatbelts and helmets.

Wollongong police inspector Brian Wyver said people needed to be particularly careful on the region's roads with wet weather predicted.

File photo.

File photo.

He said it was important for people to turn their cruise control off on certain roads.

"There's a tendency on Mount Ousley ... to continue to use cruise control," he said. "Cars can aquaplane because they've got no control - if you're accelerating and braking you have more control."

Meantime, South Coast highway patrol supervisor Senior Sergeant Andrew Palmowski urged road users to be courteous.

"While they are only one road user, there are countless others they'll pass and it's a responsibility for them to do the right thing," he said.

"With the end of school holidays, Easter and Anzac Day, it's almost a trifecta of traffic issues where people need to be mindful and considerate."