Woman refused bail over syringe claim

A Sydney woman charged with threatening to stab her ex-partner in the head in front of their daughter was refused bail in a Wollongong court on Saturday.

Daniella Restelli from Gladesville in Sydney was arrested at Wollongong police station after turning herself in at noon on Friday.

She was charged with assault, breaking an Apprehended Violence Order and damaging property and appeared in Wollongong Bail Court on Saturday morning.

The charges related to an incident in St Marys on April 16.

The police fact sheet states that Restelli arrived at the home of former partner, Robert Grahek, to whom she had a child and who took out an AVO against her when their relationship broke down.

According to the police facts, Restelli broke into the house and, when Mr Grahek arrived home, he allowed her to stay so she could see their daughter.

On the morning of April 16, an argument broke out after Mr Grahek said he "was trying to find someone to replace her" as the daughter's mother.

At one stage Mr Grahek and the daughter were seated in the lounge room when the police allege Restelli followed them in.

"The accused has picked up a knife that was on the coffee table and said to the victim, 'I would stab you in the head if you didn't have [ our daughter]'," the police fact sheet stated.

Father and daughter moved into the kitchen and Restelli followed.

The police allege that Mr Grahek then noticed Restelli carrying a syringe half-full with what he believed to be blood.

Restelli allegedly threatened the victim and, when he called out to a neighbour to call the police she lunged at him.

"The accused has held the syringe in her hand and squirted it into the victim's eye," the police facts alleged.

Mr Grahek then chased her from the premises and called police.

In opposing bail, police prosecutor acting Sergeant Amelia Wall said "the facts of the matter were alarming" and that there were concerns for the safety of the victim if Restelli were to receive bail.

Defence solicitor John Gallagher pointed out that Restelli had turned herself into police and promised to live with her father in Sydney.

He added that Restelli "vigorously" contested the charges.

The registrar on duty said Restelli had numerous instances of failing to appear and that the charges were serious.

The registrar refused bail and remanded Restelli to appear in Wollongong Local Court on Monday for a bail application and to be assigned to a Sydney court to hear the case.