Police officer dragged beside moving car

A police officer suffered minor injuries after being dragged alongside a moving car at Tullimbar on Friday night while trying to get a motorist out of the driver's seat.

According to police, officers were travelling along Tongarra Road in Albion Park, when a red Holden ute swerved to the incorrect side of the road and narrowly missed them.

A police spokesman said the officers pursued the ute along several streets before the driver stopped in front of an address at Tullimbar.

Police surrounded the vehicle, with one officer climbing onto the rear tray to try to smash the rear window.

Meanwhile another officer tried to remove the keys from the ignition.

The driver of the ute then allegedly accelerated on to the driveway of a home, dragging the second officer for a distance before finally stopping.

The driver was arrested following a violent struggle. He was taken to Shellharbour Hospital with an injured arm and minor grazes, before being returned to Lake Illawarra station where he was charged with drunk-driving and other offences.

The officer dragged alongside the ute suffered an injured foot while the one on the rear suffered lacerations to his arm.

Injury prevented both officers from continuing their shift.