Sydney woman on stabbing charge stays behind bars

A Sydney woman will remain behind bars as she prepares to fight allegations she threatened to stab her ex-partner in the head and squirted a blood-filled syringe in his eyes.

Daniella Restelli was denied bail again on Monday, after an unsuccessful attempt for conditional liberty on Saturday.

Restelli, a recent parolee, was charged with assault, contravening an apprehended violence order and damaging property over the April 16 incident at St Marys, in Sydney's west.

The court heard Restelli was at her former partner's home when the pair got into an argument.

Restelli allegedly picked up a knife and threatened to stab the man in the head before producing a syringe, which was half-filled with what the man believed to be blood, and squirted the contents into his eyes.

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris Ferreira opposed Restelli's bail application, saying the safety of the alleged victim was paramount.

He noted the man had been on the receiving end of Restelli's violent actions before.

Defence solicitor Jonathan Kearney said Restelli would agree to live far away from the man and not enter St Marys if released.

He said Restelli, who had recently fallen pregnant, would fight the charges.

The magistrate, Geraldine Beattie, refused to grant bail.