Woman fatally stabbed in jealous rage, court hears

Michael James Quinn stabbed his girlfriend to death on the front lawn of his parents' Farmborough Heights home last year after she tried to break off their relationship and confessed to seeing another man, a court has heard.

Police allege Quinn, 25, flew into a fit of rage on learning that his girlfriend of four years, Cherie Lyn Vize, had slept with a man she had met online. He attacked her with a kitchen knife on the morning of July 22, before turning the weapon on himself.

Ms Vize was fatally wounded, and Quinn remains in a Sydney hospital with severe spinal injuries.

A scheduled bail application in Wollongong Local Court on Wednesday was adjourned to next month after the court was unable to secure a video link-up with the hospital Quinn is at.

However, details of the police case against Quinn were outlined in a series of fact sheets tendered to the court.

The documents allege Quinn was a jealous, possessive man who demanded to know his girlfriend's every move when they weren't together and bombarded her with phone calls and text messages day and night.

During 2011, Ms Vize became friends with another man via the internet dating website Oasis Active.

Police allege Ms Vize and this man had sex on July 20, two days before her death.

Ms Vize told Quinn the following day that their relationship was over and she had been seeing someone else.

Police allege Quinn read a text message sent from the woman to the man referring to "the morning-after pill" and flew into a fit of rage.

Quinn's mother, Joanne, who had been on the phone to her son moments earlier and allegedly heard Ms Vize say "Michael, don't do that", ran to the front of the property to see her son and Ms Vize struggling.

Police say that when she separated them, she saw blood pouring from Ms Vize's neck and her son holding a knife.

Police allege Quinn immediately began stabbing himself in the chest, before cutting his own throat, lodging the knife in the left side of his neck and collapsing.

When police arrived moments later, Quinn allegedly asked them to shoot him.

Both Quinn and Ms Vize were taken to hospital. Ms Vize died later the same day.

Quinn was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital, where he spent six weeks in intensive care before being transferred to the spinal unit.

When police interviewed Quinn at his bedside on September 10, he responded with "no comment" to all questions.