CELEB GOSS: Why Prince Harry split from Cressida

Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry in March. Picture: REUTERS
Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry in March. Picture: REUTERS

Why Prince Harry split from Cressida

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas ended their relationship ''suddenly'' after a heated argument on Sunday prompted by, of all things, concerns over money, close friends have disclosed.

The couple had been due to fly to America together to attend the wedding of the Prince's friend Guy Pelly on Saturday, but Miss Bonas had to pay for her own £650 ($1180) air fare and did not want to spend so much money if their troubled relationship was doomed. She chose to grasp the nettle and confront the Prince over their future, which resulted in a ''bit of a bust-up'' and the decision to go their separate ways.

Friends suggested that the pair ''might both regret it'' and could get back together at a later date. However, Miss Bonas, 25, was said to have been unhappy for some time, partly because of the strain of being in the public eye and partly because the dance graduate was feeling ''frustrated and unfulfilled'' at her inability to pursue a career on the stage while dating the Prince.

Prince Harry will now fly to Mr Pelly's wedding without Miss Bonas, accompanied by his brother the Duke of Cambridge, who could use the flight to Memphis to offer some advice after his experience of temporarily ending his relationship with the then Kate Middleton in 2007.

While the Prince can look forward to drowning his sorrows, Miss Bonas went straight back to the daily grind yesterday, heading off to work in Soho. Miss Bonas, who works in marketing, trudged along the pavement with her hands in her pockets and with her bootlaces undone.

A friend said: ''Cressida was due to go to the wedding but she was paying for her own ticket, and she could only just afford it. She has never complained about paying her own way, though she has been hard pushed to do so.

''The widespread opinion that she is a wealthy heiress is complete rubbish, so it was quite a stretch to go to Guy Pelly's wedding. Guy is not a close friend of hers so there would have been no point in going if she and Harry were splitting up.''

The Prince and Miss Bonas would both have flown economy class - as they did when they visited Africa together last year and when they flew easyJet to go skiing - because the Prince has to keep down the cost of air fares for his bodyguards when he travels privately.

Miss Bonas, who earns around £20,000 and prefers not to rely on financial support from her parents, does not have the sort of money at her disposal to keep up with her boyfriend. A friend said: ''The media has frequently commented on her dress style but it's very difficult to turn up at so many occasions when you are expected to wear something different each time.''

Friends made clear that while the timing of the row may have been prompted by the imminent trip to the US, the row itself was not about the air fare, but was about the couple's long-term future and Miss Bonas's increasing unhappiness.

Miss Bonas, who studied dance at Leeds University and at the Laban Conservatoire in London, has never been able to reconcile the knowledge that she would have to choose between Prince Harry and her aspirations of a career on the stage.

She felt ''frustrated and unfulfilled'', friends said, ''but she never got cross about it''. Even more problematic was her inability to go anywhere without being photographed by members of the public with camera phones.

''The mobile camera phone menace has become a nightmare for her,'' said a friend. ''Everyone has a mobile phone - imagine how you would feel if every time you stepped out of your door ordinary people started pointing mobile phone cameras at you.''

Friends said the couple have ''paused for a breather'', suggesting that they could yet get back together. Before they met in 2012 the Prince, 29, spoke about the difficulty of finding anyone willing to take on the role of being his princess-in-waiting.

''He will miss her and I think she will miss him,'' said a friend. ''But if it is going to end then it is better that it ends now rather than after a marriage. I am sure Cressida will be OK, but Harry may have problems. Cressida has calmed him down a lot over the last two years.''

The Telegraph, London

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