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Illawarra nurses and midwives will rally for a "proud past and fighting future" at Wollongong's May Day celebrations on Saturday.

NSW Nurses and Midwives Association regional organiser Mark Murphy said about 50 staff from South Coast hospitals would join the march from Lowden Square from 10am.

"May Day is a significant day in the workers' calendar which celebrates the historical wins that have been made, such as the eight-hour work day," Mr Murphy said.

The recommendations from the National Commission of Audit released on Thursday showed the health sector was increasingly under attack, Mr Murphy said.

The report recommends a $15 co-payment to visit the doctor and access Medicare services.

"When a $6 co-payment was proposed I said there was nothing to stop that payment, once introduced, to being escalated to a higher figure. Now a $15 co-payment is being recommended."

Mr Murphy also slammed another recommendation from the audit that would require wealthy Australians to have private health insurance.

"This is part of the Liberal government agenda to push privatisation," he said.

The association would also be lobbying for Canberra to implement a Robin Hood tax (Financial Transactions Tax) in Australia to support the delivery of vital public health services.