Cringila woman lured man to car for her partner to rob

A Cringila woman has confessed to helping her partner rob a man minutes after she lured him into a car near Beaton Park.

Allyson Galvin, 32, and her male co-accused targeted the unsuspecting man after seeing him hand over $600 to his friend while playing pokies at the Wisemans Park Bowling Club on December 4 last year.

Galvin admitted to giving a piece of paper with her phone number to the victim as she got up to leave a short time after witnessing the cash exchange.

The man agreed to meet her at the Beaton Park tennis centre car park.

However when he arrived, Galvin's co-accused emerged from behind the car and ordered the man into Galvin's car.

Galvin drove "erratically" to a secluded area in Keiraville where the pair demanded the victim's wallet and mobile phone, and prevented him from exiting the car. When they discovered it virtually empty, the co-accused dragged the victim out of the vehicle and the two sped off, leaving the man by the road. The victim walked to a bus stop and alerted some university students, who contacted police.

Galvin was arrested a week later in Wollongong and charged with robbery in company and take and detain in company with intent to obtain a financial advantage.

She pleaded guilty to the robbery charge in Wollongong Local Court on Wednesday, leading the prosecution to withdraw the take and detain charge.

Galvin will appear again next Friday to set a sentencing date.