Families of killed Albion Park couple 'unforgiving'

The families of an Albion Park couple who died after being run down in Melbourne say they will never forgive the driver.

Fernando Marino, 33, and Karen McGovern, 31, were struck by a speeding car that ran a red light as they crossed a road in Carlton in August 2011.

Kathryn Eliza Matiszak, of Keilor, has pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving.

Ms McGovern's father, Peter McGovern, told the Victorian County Court on Thursday that Matiszak had imposed a death sentence on his daughter and her partner for no reason.

"In one minute of madness she took a sister, daughter, mother and father," he said.

Karen McGovern and Fernando Marino

Karen McGovern and Fernando Marino

"I can never ever forgive this person for the lives she has destroyed."

Mr Marino's mother Maria said she suffered grief so intense that she sometimes struggled to breathe.

"My sweet sunshine is gone forever," she said.

The court has previously been told that Matiszak was travelling more than 15km/h over the speed limit and ran a red light before the collision.

Mr Marino and Ms McGovern, who had two young children, were visiting Melbourne to watch an AFL game.

They both died in hospital from their injuries.

Defence barrister Peter Morrissey SC said Matiszak was now a crushed woman.

"Her reaction has been pitiable, floundering and hopeless," he said.

He said the 31-year-old could no longer care for her son, and had resumed taking heroin after years of rehabilitation.

Psychiatrist David Leonard said Matiszak suffered from severe anxiety and depression, and had heard voices since the incident.

"Her remorse truly is dreadful to behold," Dr Leonard told the court.