Office furniture that works

The past few days has seen me putting together some furniture selections for clients of mine. 

It’s been fun honing my decorating skills as I don’t often get to do this – my focus is on interior design 99per cent of the time. 

The office or home study should be an inspiring place. 

Whether you’re in a creative field or not, this is one of the places where you have to concentrate the most. 

I work from a home office so I know this all too well and sometimes it is a battle not to procrastinate because I’m at ‘‘home’’ as well as being at ‘‘work’’. 

Above my gorgeous glass-topped, trestle-legged desk is a collage of inspiring magazine rip-outs and photographs of homes I’ve designed. 

If ever I get designer’s block, I just look up and voila, there’s a new idea. 

It’s about surrounding yourself with things that inspire – it could be as simple as a fresh pot of flowers each week. 

And as I keep telling everyone, don’t be afraid of colours – it’s got the proof backed in it that colours really do have a profound effect on us. Get some cheerful colour involved and see the difference it makes.

When designing a bathroom, I will always select the floor tile first and then everything else is inspired from that selection.

So for an office/study room, I found myself selecting the artwork first. 

This will be your grounding piece that ties the entire room together. 

This piece was wild with colour and perfect for the transformation of a very masculine room into something professional with a feminine air about it, perfect for the working woman. 

The lounges, as you can see, take on colours found in the artwork.

And for the price they are, I couldn’t let them go. 

Freedom currently have a 50per cent off second item purchase sale, both the lounge and arm chairs are from there. 

As much as I love colour, it’s also extremely important to balance it with neutrals, otherwise you’ll walk into the room and it will bombard you like a slap to the face. 

Black and white is a safe option so this plush chevron-patterned rug will do the trick. 

To befriend my fabulous canary-yellow armchair, I have chosen this industrial-themed floor lamp – this will help tie in the yellow. 

Last but not least is the coffee table. If you have an amazing rug then get a glass-topped table. 

What’s the point of spending money on something that’s going to be covered up? The glass allows you to see through and at the same time, serves its purpose of being a coffee table.

To set the room off, the wall paint colour will be a deep aqua blue, the light-coloured furniture will bounce off this. So there you have it – a really simple wall to freshen up your office/study room. And we didn’t even knock out a wall!

 ■Sarah Nolen is a designer from Birdblack Design. Check out