Family cat saves boy from dog attack: video

A child, pulled from his bike by a dog on Tuesday, was saved by his family's cat, which rushed in and attacked the dog, a video posted on YouTube showed.

The video, which quickly spread on the internet, shows the young boy playing on a driveway in Bakersfield, California, when the dog grabs hold of his leg with its jaws and drags him off the bike.

A dark cat swiftly hurls itself on to the dog and chases it down the driveway and away from the child before a woman runs to help the boy.

Local media reported the video was from multiple security cameras and shows graphic pictures of the bite wounds sustained by the boy.

"Thankfully, it wasn't worse," the boy's father, Roger Triantafilo, wrote when posting the video.

"My son is fine."

Bakersfield police said the dog, identified as an eight-month-old Labrador-Chow mix, had been surrendered by its owner's family. It was in quarantine and would ultimately be put down.

Police spokesman Sergeant Joseph Grubbs said the dog's owners, who live in the same neighbourhood as the boy, said the dog did not like children nor bicycles. He did not identify the owner by name.

The Triantafilo family could not be reached for comment.


File picture.

File picture.