Bulli rapist's sentence ends



The 24-year prison sentence handed to Terry John Williamson for a series of brutal rapes in the Illawarra has officially ended.

Williamson, dubbed the "Bulli rapist", terrorised the Illawarra region for 10 months with a series of brutal sexual attacks against 11 victims, including a five-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy in 1989 and 1990.

Armed with a knife and wearing a balaclava and gloves, Williamson often broke into homes and attacked his victims or abducted them from their bedrooms or the side of the road.

Williamson, now 44, was sentenced to a maximum 24 years jail in 1990, and was required to serve 22 of those years behind bars before released on strict conditional parole in February 2012.

Thursday marked the official end of the sentence period. He'll be under the watchful eye of Corrective Services at least until June, after the NSW Supreme Court put a 28-day interim supervision order in place earlier this month at the request of authorities.

The order, which prohibits Williamson from contacting his victims or frequenting "any place or areas specified by the department" without permission from his supervising officers, may be extended after examinations to be conducted by two psychiatrists.

Williamson must also wear an electronic bracelet, abstain from alcohol and other drugs and stay away from weapons, pornography and anyone under 18. Use of the internet or social networks will be closely monitored.

Justice Richard Button said the heinous nature of Williamson's offences meant there was too a high a risk of him reoffending if he was not kept under supervision after his parole expired, and particularly if he stopped taking medication to decrease his sex drive.

Williamson has taken anti-libidinal drugs since 2004 and says he no longer gets pleasure from fantasising about sexual violence.