Siblings in sword drama at Wollongong methadone clinic

Wollongong's Denison Street methadone clinic was the scene of a brother and sister showdown last Friday morning that involved a Samurai sword, a court has heard.

Matthew John Ashmore, 29, allegedly told police his choice of weapon was a stick, however, officers claim CCTV footage showed Ashmore in control of a black-handled sword measuring some 60 centimetres long.

Wollongong Local Court heard Ashmore normally lived in Albury but had been staying with his sister and her husband in their Berkeley home recently.

However, tension between Ashmore and his brother-in-law rose last week, prompting the sister to kick Ashmore out of the house.

Police documents say the woman was at the methadone clinic on Friday when her brother walked in just before 7am.

The woman allegedly made a disparaging remark towards her brother, causing him to try and punch her, police said.

Several people at the clinic intervened and forced Ashmore to leave the premises. However, it is alleged he returned a short time later armed with the sword.

An unknown person grabbed the woman and shielded her behind a door while the entrance to the clinic was locked, police said.

Ashmore left the scene, however was later apprehended by police driving along Gladstone Avenue.

He was charged with having custody of an offensive implement, being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence and common assault.

During an interview with police, Ashmore allegedly told them his sister had attacked him and when he tried to punch her back "everyone started going off at me".

He said he picked up a stick from the ground and "went back inside to have a go at the blokes".

Ashmore told the court through his lawyer that if released on bail he would be driving back to Albury almost immediately. Magistrate Michael Stoddart agreed to release Ashmore, but ordered him to report to Albury police three times a week and not have any contact with his sister or her family. The matter will return to court on June 24.