Bulli rapist petition: Life supervision for Terry John Williamson?

Terry John Williamson flanked by correctional service employees.
Terry John Williamson flanked by correctional service employees.

The first victim of the Bulli rapist has called on Illawarra residents to support her in a campaign to keep him under supervision for the rest of his life.

The woman, who was just 13 at the time of the horrific and brutal attack, said she hoped a public campaign would be enough to convince the Supreme Court to extend Terry John Williamson’s parole period indefinitely.

The 38-year-old mother approached the Mercury on Monday, four days after Williamson’s maximum 24-year prison sentence expired. The sentence imposed in 1990 was longer than many sentences handed down to murderers.

The serial rapist terrorised the Illawarra for 10 months brutally attacking  11 victims, including a five-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy in 1989 and 1990.

Armed with a knife and wearing a black balaclava, Williamson broke into homes and attacked his victims or abducted them from their bedrooms or the side of the road.

His first victim told the Mercury that since being raped she had been tormented every day of her life with horrific flashbacks and nightmares.

It is the first time the victim has spoken to the media. She said she felt compelled to contact the Mercury because she feared he would rape again.

Williamson, she said, had destroyed her life and he should not be allowed to go free to live the rest of his days in peace. She added that the former truck driver had shown no remorse for his crimes and she strongly believed he would reoffend.

 Williamson pleaded guilty to the sexual assaults after his arrest in 1990. At the time the court heard he had a high libido and that the attacks were something he just couldn’t help. Williamson has been ordered to take anti-libidinal drugs designed to reduce libido, sexual activity and fantasies.

Last week a NSW Supreme Court judge agreed to place Williamson, now 44, under a 28-day interim supervision order at the request of the NSW Attorney-General’s Department.

Williamson was released from prison two years ago under the supervision of Corrective Services. The court heard that his parole program was set up to stop him reoffending.

The interim order prohibits him from contacting his victims or entering the Illawarra.

He must also wear an electronic bracelet, abstain from alcohol and other drugs and stay away from weapons, pornography and anyone under 18. His use of the internet or social networks will also be closely monitored. Williamson will remain under supervision until June when the Supreme Court will again consider the matter.

To support Williamson’s first victim in her campaign to have the interim order extended for the remainder of his life click here.

Terry John Williamson’s reign of terror:

■ August 5, 1989: Girl, 13, raped by a masked Williamson at Bulli High School.

■ September 18: Girl, 15, dragged at knifepoint from a Farrell Road, Bulli, house and raped.

■ November 6: Boy 11, abducted from his bed in nearby Park Road, placed in boot of stolen car, driven to Mount Kembla, sexually assaulted and dumped.

■ February 5, 1990: Woman, 24, raped in her bed at Tarrawanna.

■ February 16: Girl, 13, raped in her bed at Russell Vale.

■ March 22: Girl, 5, sexually assaulted in her bed at Tarrawanna. The rapist had earlier threatened her mother but turned to the girl when he realised the woman was seven months pregnant.

■ April 15: Three women attacked in two separate incidents at Corrimal. On both occasions attacker’s rape attempts foiled.

■ May 4: Girl, 16, fights off kidnap attempt at Balgownie.

■ May 5: Williamson arrested.

■ May 7: First court appearance on the May 4 attempted kidnap, assault charges. Magistrate John Seberry released him on $25,000 bail.

■ May 14: Williamson breaks bail, fleeing parents’ home.

■ May 15: 20-year-old Wollongong woman raped.

■ May 17: After three days on the run, Williamson arrested in North Wollongong. Court refuses bail. Held in protective custody.

■ May 24: Wollongong Local Court appearance on 53 charges, including sex assaults and kidnappings. Proceedings adjourned.

■ September 11: Charge number increased to 63.

■ October 2: Solicitor tells court Williamson will plead guilty to most charges.

■ October 31: Williamson allowed to attend the funeral of his father who died of a heart attack.

■ November 5: Williamson faces four fresh charges in court, bringing total to 67.

■ November 12: Pleads guilty to 19 of 67 charges, is convicted on five. Committed to Supreme Court for sentence.

■ December 6, 1991: Williamson’s mother Robyn publicly apologies to her son’s victims and their families.

■ December 9: Williamson jailed for 24 years, a minimum of 14. 


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