Love coming to town

Love Coming to Town for Wollongong-born Jessie Jordan.
Love Coming to Town for Wollongong-born Jessie Jordan.

Stepping out in a televised search for love, in front of an audience of millions across the country, might not seem like everyone’s idea of a good time. For Wollongong-born Jessie Jordan – known as JJ – her decision to sign up for new WIN Network dating program When Love Comes To Town was about a sense of adventure, and a dash of cosmic timing.

“I believe everything is about timing. I had just resigned from my job, and was looking for a new opportunity,” JJ said.

“I was feeling good at the time, ready to meet someone. You need to be in a good headspace, and this just fell in my lap. It felt like everything just fell into place.”

When Love Comes To Town, about 12 city girls meeting country boys in towns across Australia, is the classic fish out of water setup. Premiering last night, the girls travel the country in a bus meeting a handful of men in each town, choosing whether to stay on the bus and stay on the search or step off and try to make things work with the guy they already met.

“It’s been awesome and crazy, and definitely nothing like you’d imagine,” JJ said ahead of the show’s premiere.

“I spent a lot of time watching TV like this, watching girls cry, and you think ‘come on, you can’t be that emotional.’ But in that scenario, emotions are so heightened, every day is about that guy and that date, whether to stay or go.”

Women can choose to stay or go at any point along the way, meaning the cast could drop off dramatically depending on circumstances. JJ obviously had to be tight-lipped about her fate on the show, but she said she had few regrets.

“It was an incredible experience, it really tests out what you can deal with in extreme situations,” she said.

“I’m happy with the choice I made and how it went.”

When Love Comes To Town screens Tuesday nights on the WIN Network


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