Bulli rapist's freedom hangs in the balance

Terry John Williamson in 2012.
Terry John Williamson in 2012.
November 13, 1990.

November 13, 1990.

Bulli  rapist Terry John Williamson may have served his full 24-year sentence but as a serious sex offender his freedom and liberty still hangs in the balance.

On Monday, Williamson's first victim, who was 13 when she was brutally attacked at knifepoint, mounted a public campaign through the Mercury to ensure Williamson is supervised by Corrective Services for the rest of his life.

Controversial legislation to monitor serious sex offenders after their release came into effect in 2006 and was amended in 2012 to include violent prisoners who had shown no signs of rehabilitation in jail and who posed an unacceptable risk to the community.

It allows the State of NSW to make an application to the Supreme Court to have high-risk sexual offenders monitored through an extended supervision scheme. This often includes GPS tracking devices and other strict living conditions. The court could only make such an order for five years. If an extension of that five years is deemed warranted the state needs to make a further application in the court before the original order expires.

Currently more than 50 offenders are on the supervision program in NSW.

On May 7 the NSW Attorney-General sought to have such an order imposed on Williamson.

Justice Richard Button placed a 28-day interim order on him and will consider the matter next month when psychiatric reports become available.

The court heard Williamson had not breached parole in the two years he had been released and had lived a quiet, independent life and had a part-time job.

Justice Button said the "heinous nature" of the offences meant there was too high a risk of him reoffending if he was not kept under supervision, and particularly if he ceased taking medication to decrease his sex drive. Williamson has taken chemical castration drugs since 2004.

To support the Bulli rapist's first victim in her campaign to have Terry John Williamson placed under supervision for the remainder of his life click here.

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