Fatal rendezvous and aftermath captured on CCTV, police say

CCTV footage of Mr Gao in Arab Road, Padstow. Photo: Channel Ten
CCTV footage of Mr Gao in Arab Road, Padstow. Photo: Channel Ten

It must have been a strange sight: two grey-haired men emerging from a south-west Sydney storage shed, lugging a silver-coloured surfboard bag.

In broad daylight last Tuesday, the pair loaded the bag into the boot of their white Ford Falcon before returning inside, re-emerging with several office chairs which they packed on top of the bag.

The two men, police allege, were notorious ex-detective Roger Rogerson, and a former Kings Cross detective Glen McNamara - and they had just allegedly committed the brazen murder of Sydney drug dealer, Jamie Gao.

His bloodied body, it's alleged, had been zipped inside the silver surfboard bag.

It's understood a CCTV camera perched high above the south-west Sydney storage facility did not capture the two gunshots police allege the men fired into Gao's chest as they prepared to exchange 3kg of the drug ice for about $3 million in cash - but it did record the trio entering the facility just after 1.30pm. And only two of them walking out..

Arrested: Detectives lead Roger Rogerson from his Padstow Heights home. Photo: Nick Moir

Arrested: Detectives lead Roger Rogerson from his Padstow Heights home. Photo: Nick Moir

Some 24 hours later, police allege, Rogerson and McNamara returned to the Padstow storage facility to clean up their murderous deeds, re-entering unit 803 of the Rent A Space facility on Davies Road.

They allegedly spent 40 minutes inside, cleaning up Mr Gao's blood and any traces of the crime, and returning the office chairs they had removed the day before.

Police allege that by this stage, the pair had "disposed" of Mr Gao's body. Exactly where it was dumped was unknown.

The events that could result in the pair spending the rest of their lives in jail had begun, police claim, in clandestine fashion.

McNamara, 55, phoned Mr Gao from a Telstra phone booth in Cronulla last Tuesday, allegedly arranging to meet the student outside an industrial block in Padstow.

Security cameras outside Mick's Meat on Arab Road, Padstow, reveal Mr Gao arrived at the appointed place about 1.30pm, alighting his own vehicle and getting into the Ford Falcon carrying a bag allegedly containing the drugs he had agreed to sell the pair.

Just minutes later, security cameras pick up the same Ford Falcon, pulling into the driveway at the storage facility on nearby Davies Road.

The three men allegedly walk into unit 803, and the images are the last to capture the University of Technology student alive.

By 2.30pm, police allege, the ex-police officers had shot Mr Gao, an only child, twice. And the cover-up of their crime began in earnest.

It's understood that after Mr Gao's body was put into the boot of the car, the CCTV captures the men placing folded office chairs over the top of it in a bid to conceal their cargo.

As the pair allegedly disposed of his body by dumping it in the ocean, worried friends and family reported Mr Gao missing.

Six days later, on Monday morning, McNamara was preparing to front court charged with murder when Mr Gao's body was spotted floating in the ocean off the coast at Cronulla.He had been wrapped in a blue tarpaulin, just his shoes exposed at one end.

Neither McNamara nor Rogerson have entered pleas to their charges.