Stanwell Park readies for TV retune

Residents at Stanwell Park might find they are ‘‘missing’’ a few TV channels this Wednesday.

But those channels - ABC, WIN and Southern Cross Ten - haven’t disappeared, they’ve just been moved.

In what is the final stage of the switch to digital television, these networks are changing their frequencies to free up space on the broadcasting spectrum for news services such as mobile broadband.

All that residents  getting their signal from the Stanwell Park tower need to do is retune their TV set on Wednesday - and not before - to find those ‘‘missing’’ channels.

This can be done pressing the ‘‘menu’’ button on their remote then look for their ‘‘set-up’’ options, then selecting words like: ‘‘channels’’ or ‘‘auto-tuning’’.

Other areas that get their signal from the Illawarra tower will need to retune on June 10.

‘‘Other viewers in Northern Wollongong and Mount Kembla retuned last year, however may now need to retune again,’’ a spokeswoman for the  the federal Department of Communications said.

‘‘The Stanwell Park TV tower provides television reception to Stanwell Park.  It is possible, however unlikely, that other surrounding suburbs receive their television reception from the Stanwell Park tower.

‘‘Viewers can find out which TV tower they are most likely receiving reception from by entering their address into mySwitch tool at or by calling the retune call centre on 1800 20 10 13.’’

The spokeswoman also said that there may be some temporary disruption to all TV services on retune day.

‘‘Service outages on the days before and after the retune may also be necessary, due to work being conducted at the transmission site,’’ she said.

‘‘As the retune simply moves free-to-air TV channels to a new location on the broadcast spectrum, it is unlikely to change TV reception or coverage.’’

The spokesman said the majority of people found the retuning quite easy and that there were not many complaints.

‘‘No, we have a very low number of queries that cannot be resolved through our call centres because retuning for most viewers, is as simple as pressing the MENU button on their remote and following the prompts to retune,’’ the spokeswoman said.

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