Man took gun to girlfriend's work: court

A man who took a gun he bought days earlier to his girlfriend’s workplace after she said she was ending the relationship was granted strict bail in Wollongong Local Court on Saturday.

Jackson Black, 19, of Wollongong, was in court on charges of possessing an unregistered and shortened firearm, carrying a gun in a public place and other offences. The police facts sheet tendered to the court alleges that Black’s girlfriend told him she was ending the relationship on Friday.

About 5pm the same day, Black went to his girlfriend's workplace with a shortened .22 bolt-action rifle down the front of his pants.

“The victim agreed to talk to the accused and they both started walking up Church Street towards Wollongong Mall,” the statement alleges.

“While walking north towards Wollongong Mall the victim was made aware that the accused had the firearm down the front of his pants.”

The pair continued arguing as they reached the mall and it escalated outside Wollongong police station. The alleged victim then left to go to her parents’ place in Albion Park.

Black then entered the police station and allegedly told an officer that he had pointed a gun at his girlfriend and threatened her with it.

He then placed his hands on the front counter and said the  gun was down his pants.

Police approached Black and removed the firearm before handcuffing  him.

“The accused was spoken to in relation to the firearm. He stated he was going to shoot the victim if he didn’t hand himself in,” the police statement said.

In a later interview with police Black denied threatening his girlfriend with the gun, which he had purchased a few days earlier for $50.

He also stated that he did not know why he had taken the gun to her workplace.

The alleged victim declined to provide a statement to police but said she was not threatened by Black that day.

Police prosecutor Michael Knight opposed bail stating there were "two unacceptable risks" - the safety of the victim and the concern that he may fail to appear at later court dates.

Mr Knight said that it was alarming that Black was walking around the CBD with a concealed firearm and also that he said he had no real idea why he took it with him that day.

Defence solicitor Tracy Reynolds was concerned that the police facts called his girlfriend the victim, even though she said she had not been threatened in any way.

She pointed out the mitigating factor that Black attended the police station himself with the intention of giving up the firearm.

Registrar Kelly Darcy was concerned about the potential risk posed by Black but said they could be mitigated by imposing strict bail conditions.

These conditions included reporting to police three times a week, surrendering any other firearms he may own to police and complying with an Apprehended Violence Order taken out by police on the girlfriend's behalf.

Black was granted bail.