CELEB GOSS: Psy and Snoop Dogg create viral hit Hangover

Psy and Snoop have teamed up to give us a Hangover.
Psy and Snoop have teamed up to give us a Hangover.

Psy and Snoop Dogg create viral hit Hangover

In one of the more bizarre collaborations to be unleashed upon the music world, South Korean Pop sensation Psy, of Gangnam Style fame, has teamed up with rapper Snoop Dogg in a regret-themed single called Hangover.

After making its debut on American late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Sunday, the song was posted to YouTube where it has already notched up more than 14 million views. 

The track explores the morning-after effects of a night of drunken revelry, with the staccato repetition of the word "hangover" comprising the bulk of the song's lyrics.

Opening with the scene of Psy doubled over a toilet while Snoop Dog mimics a back-patting motion to the song's jarring beat, the video then shows the pair taking the "hair of dog" approach to hangover recovery. Scenes of cheap reverence for alcohol ensue.

While the viral video has been dubbed "art" by Time magazine, many fans have been far less generous in their summations on social media.


Avicii is hottest star under 25

The top young movers and shakers in the world of music have been revealed in Spotify’s list of the hottest 25 artists under 25 years old.

A champion of fresh talent, Spotify has examined number-one hits, volume and growth of streams and shares, as well as viral chart success from the past year, to extract the top 25 young artists.

The first-ever ranking of this kind by the music streaming service highlights the most influential young musicians.Swedish superstar Avicii, the first artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify, tops the list.

‘‘This has been such an incredible year, and taking the top spot on Spotify’s 25 Under 25 (just a few months before my 25th birthday!) is unbelievable,’’ Avicii says.

‘‘I truly love what I do and I’m so grateful to my fans and to Spotify for being such enthusiastic supporters of my music.’In addition to established US superstars, such as Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, up and coming artists such as Irish singer-songwriter Hozier and teen star Birdy, have made the list of pop’s youngest over-achievers.


Lil' Kim chooses strange name for her first born

She has the self-styled moniker of Queen Bee and now she has a Royal Reign. Ridiculous? Probably. But, rapper, Lil' Kim is hardly known for being understated or conforming to convention.

The 39-year-old's first born, a girl named Royal Reign, was born on Monday at Hackensack University Medical Centre in New Jersey. 

The royal-themed baby shower, held last month, was clearly a hint of things to come.

The lavish event was held at the Broad Street Ballroom in New York, and Kim talked to In Touch magazine about the regal theme.


Sandra Bullock takes out restraining order

Actress Sandra Bullock has obtained an emergency protection order against a man suspected of attempting to break into her Los Angeles home.

Joshua Corbett, 39, was arrested and booked on suspicion of residential burglary after he was allegedly caught trying to gain access to the Gravity star’s property early on Sunday morning, hours after she attended the Guys Choice Awards in Culver City, California on Saturday.

A representative for Bullock, who was home at the time of the incident, has assured fans she is fine and unharmed. But the actress has taken legal action to ensure the suspect doesn’t get too close for comfort again.According to TMZ.com, the Oscar winner, mother to young son Louis, obtained the restraining order shortly after the incident.

Corbett is currently being held on $US50,000 ($A54,097.92) bail.He is not thought to have a history with Bullock but the actress has reason to be fearful - she has previously been granted permanent restraining orders against overzealous fan Thomas James Weldon, who began harassing her in 2003.

She had the court order renewed in 2010 and he was subsequently committed to a mental institution in Wyoming.Bullock also had to obtain a protective order against another obsessed devotee, Marcia Valentine, in 2007 after the fan dumped pieces of animal fur in the star’s backyard and hurled abuse at her then-husband Jesse James when he tried to note her car licence plate.


Banderas, Griffith have lived seperately

Antonio Banderas reportedly began to live his own life away from Melanie Griffith in the lead up to their split.On Friday it was revealed the actress had filed for divorce from her husband after 18 years together.

They met during filming of their 1995 comedy movie Too Much and have 17-year-old daughter Stella together.

It has already been claimed they had fallen out of love a while ago but it seems Antonio and Melanie had other problems contributing to their breakup.

‘‘The split is not something new and out of the blue, they have had issues for years,’’ a source told People.

‘‘The fights and separations got to be too much.

‘‘He has always led an international life and during the times they were apart for business or film work, he began to live his own life away from her.’’

Both parties insisted their divorce is to be conducted in a ‘‘loving and friendly manner’’.

A second source close to the couple claims they worked hard at their marriage and that news of them going their separate ways is a shock.

‘‘They would talk on the phone four, five times a day,’’ the other insider added.

‘‘They seemed to make it work.

‘‘It’s very sad. They had a solid relationship for so many years.’’

Melanie also has daughter Dakota Johnson with her ex-husband Don Johnson and son Alexander Bauer with former spouse Steven Bauer.

Melanie appeared to hint at troubles in her marriage to the handsome Spaniard weeks before news of their divorce broke. She cited irreconcilable differences in the paperwork and seemed to question her nuptials on Twitter beforehand.

‘‘Who believes in marriage and why? Or why not?’’ she posted to her followers.



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