Letters: Hands off our public assets

Perhaps Gareth Ward should look to the needs of his constituents, and of society in general rather than parrot the propaganda of NSW Liberal policy on the disposition of public assets  (Power sell-off warning, Mercury, June 11).

I look out my window and I see the infrastructure that supplies the vital services to my community, i.e. electricity, water, roads, hospitals and schools.

I, and many other voters, want those assets to remain owned by, and for, the benefit of the people of NSW (not the Chinese government or a handful of wealthy shareholders).

Once you have sold off all income-producing assets for a short-sighted revenue hit, where will our children and grandchildren get the funds to build the infrastructure of the future?

The agenda of privatisation of public assets of this government will not build the future; it will bankrupt it.

If Mike Baird wants to make the privatisation of power an election issue then I say bring it on.  The only way to stop this process will be to consign this mob to a one-term government.


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