What about Fairy Meadow's unloved pavillion?

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With all the hoo-ha about building new, expensive amenities for the skydivers on public land at Stuart Park, there may be a novel solution. The divers often use Fairy Meadow Beach as an alternate drop zone. At that site is the unused and somewhat unloved old pavilion next to the surf club. Why not apply the same forward thinking that saw the North Gong pavilion successfully revitalised and apply some bright, forward thinking to this relic. 

With some clever thinking it could be redesigned into not only a facility for the skydivers but also a café/kiosk for the general public. Hundreds pass by daily on the bike track and fitness groups often train there, and I’m sure would relish a chance for some refreshments and a rest. 

A bonus would be relieving some of the congestion experienced at Stuart Park and spreading the recreational dollar around our fair city. Also, parking infrastructure is already in place and would save the destruction of some of our precious green space and avoid parking problems that would be created on that bend on George Henley Drive. It would seem everyone wins. Well council – what do you think?