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Depuy's top priority is and always has been patient safety, the company told the Mercury this week.

In regards to the class action proceeding, the company will defend itself against the allegations raised, and believes the evidence will show the company acted appropriately and responsibly.

In August 2010, DePuy issued a voluntary recall of the ASR Hip System after "receiving new information from the UK National Joint Registry as part of the company's ongoing surveillance of post-market data concerning the ASR Hip System".

The company said in a statement to the Mercury that after reviewing the data, DePuy decided it was "in the best interests of patients to voluntarily recall the ASR Hip System".

"Up until August 2010, when we announced the voluntary recall, the totality of the data available to DePuy indicated that the revision rate of the ASR Hip System was similar to that reported for other large diameter metal-on-metal monoblock and resurfacing hip devices," the statement said.

"We understand that the recall is concerning for patients, their family members and surgeons. Since the recall decision was made, DePuy has worked to provide patients and surgeons with the information and support they need."

The company said that within days of the recall, it set up a helpline and reimbursement program for patients globally.

"In Australia, DePuy also established a Compensation Program.

"The Compensation Program allows eligible patients to make a claim for compensation directly from DePuy for pain and suffering and, if applicable, future costs, out-of-pocket expenses and/or loss of earnings related to their ASR Hip System following revision surgery.

"This program is determined on an individual basis."

The company said the US settlement program has no bearing on legal proceedings or ongoing support of ASR Hip System patients in Australia or any other country.

It is consistent with the US legal system and takes into account patient claims filed in the US by US citizens and residents only.

"Similarly, the Australian Compensation Program is consistent with the legal system in Australia and specific to the claims of Australian ASR Hip System patients," the company said.

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