CELEB GOSS: Sting says his children won't get trust funds

Sting, with daughters Coco, Mickey and Kate in 2003. Picture: GETTY IMAGES
Sting, with daughters Coco, Mickey and Kate in 2003. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Sting: my children won't inherit my wealth

Pop icon Sting says his children won’t be getting trust funds from his vast fortune, assuming there’s any money left in it.

The 16-time Grammy Award winner and former frontman of The Police, told London’s The Mail on Sunday the vast wealth would be ‘‘albatrosses’’ around the necks of his six children.

The singer-songwriter who grew up in a shipbuilding community in northeast England says he told the kids, ‘‘there won’t be much money left because we are spending it!’’

‘‘People make assumptions, that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth but they have not been given a lot,’’ he was quoted as saying.

Sting’s wealth was estimated at 180 million pounds ($A331 million) by the Sunday Times Rich List.


Hunger Games stars wrap Mockingjay

It looks like the cast of the Hunger Games suffer the same series withdrawal as their fans.

Director Francis Lawrence called cut for the last time when filming wrapped on the final instalment of the dystopian franchise over the weekend.

Adapted from the third book of the series, the big-screen version of Mockingjay will be split into two movies.

Hunky actor Sam Claflin, who plays fan favourite Finnick Odair in the films, said he felt privileged to work on the project.

‘‘I just want/need to express my many thanks to everyone (cast, crew & fans) who have worked so hard,’’ he tweeted.‘‘Also (for) trusting me enough to let me be part of it.’’

‘‘I feel privileged, honoured and so very lucky.’’He rounded out the heartfelt tweets with the apt hashtag: ‘‘#dreamjob’’.

Meanwhile, producer Nina Jacobson shared a picture of four huddled figures - potentially including stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth - to mark the end of filming.

For Jena Malone, aka the firebrand Johanna Mason, it was a ‘‘sad but beautiful feeling’’ to be saying goodbye to Suzanne Collins’ futuristic Panem.

‘‘(I’m) letting go of a character I love,’’ she wrote on Instagram.

‘‘What an incredible journey it’s been ... #johannamason4ever.’’Australian fans will have to wait until November 20 for Mockingjay: Part 1 to hit cinemas.


John Legend’s airport identity mix-up

John Legend is often targeted by Canadian immigration officials who mistake him for a criminal with the same name.

The Ordinary People hitmaker faces trouble when he goes through security checks at airports in Canada because he shares his real name, John Stephens, with another man who has a criminal record.

Legend wrote about his fears on Twitter on Friday as he headed to the country, writing, ‘‘Heading to Canada now. Somebody help me out at immigration please... Somebody with my first and last name (John Stephens) but not my birthdate, SS# (social security number) or anything else, has a criminal record. And I get flagged... I ONLY get flagged in Canada, none of the other 100-something countries in the world.’’

However, Legend later updated his fans to let them know he had no problems on his trip, adding, ‘‘I made it through Canadian immigration with no problems this morning. The power of Twitter?’’


Harrison Ford using wheelchair

Harrison Ford has been spotted using a wheelchair after breaking his leg on set of the new Star Wars movie.

The veteran actor’s leg was crushed by the door of a spacecraft prop during filming of Star Wars: Episode VII at Pinewood Studios in England earlier this month.

He was admitted to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, and underwent an operation to fix the damage. Now the first pictures of the Indiana Jones star since the accident have emerged.

In the snaps, Ford is being pushed in a wheelchair by an aide and is seen sporting a lower leg cast on his left ankle.

The pictures were reportedly taken as the actor was preparing to leave the UK and travel back to the US for rehabilitation treatment.According to reports, the star will be out of action for up to six months.  


Lily Allen gives away Glastonbury tickets

Lily Allen has given away her complimentary Glastonbury festival tickets to children in her village.

The Smile hitmaker received a batch of free tickets to Britain’s iconic festival as a gift for performing at the event, but rather than hand them out to her friends, Allen and her husband Sam Cooper gave them to youngsters in their home village of Cranham, England.

‘‘I get a certain allocation and because I am on the Pyramid (main) stage you get more... My husband has been in charge of ticket allocation,’’ Allen told Britain’s BBC Radio 1.

‘‘I have quite a lot of blaggy friends who hit me up for stuff all the time and never really appreciate it. I have all the calls, 'Can we have some tickets?’ He has given them all to our villagers. There’s, like, 25 kids from Cranham who have never been to Glastonbury and who are going have such a shock and all my showbiz mates are like ’Er?’’’    

Allen is due to perform at the festival on Friday June 27.