Illawarra truckie jailed over sex abuse of boy

An Illawarra truck driver who sexually abused a teenage boy several times over two years has been jailed.

He was sentenced to an overall two years behind bars on Wednesday for abusing the 14-year-old boy nine times between 1989 and 1991.

The 58-year-old, who pleaded guilty to nine counts of sexual intercourse with a minor, molested the teen when he visited his former home to work on motorbikes.

The first time, the man took the boy into his room and asked him if he had pubic hair.

The boy, feeling pressured, pulled down his pants.

The man then exposed his penis and molested the teen, warning him: "If you tell anyone, no-one will believe you."

On another occasion, the man made the boy perform oral sex before he kissed his lips and nipples.

The last offence took place while the pair were bike riding with other people. The offender pulled the boy onto an isolated track and assaulted him before they returned to the group.

The victim revealed the abuse in 1994 and 1997 but did not report it to police. In 2013, he visited his attacker and recorded him admitting to the assaults.

Sentencing the man in Wollongong District Court, Judge Paul Conlon said the abuse was clearly a breach of trust.

"The [victim admitted] to being a 'kid looking for affection' - his mother was an alcoholic and his stepfather was physically aggressive," he said.

"[The offender] exploited the boy's youth and vulnerability to a significant degree."

The court heard that the man had no prior criminal history and a happy marriage until his wife's death in 1998.

He had confided in friends and workmates about the abuse, admitting he was "100 per cent to blame".

Judge Conlon said the man had a low risk of reoffending and had shown genuine remorse.

He was sentenced to a minimum nine months' behind bars.