Wollongong's crap parkers: photos

Wollongong drivers beware - a Facebook page has been created with the sole purpose of shaming the worst parking attempts across the region.

The page, called Wollongong Crap Parkers, encourages residents to snap photos of the poorest examples of parking and upload them.

Several images already show cars parked across two parking bays, or parked facing the wrong way down the street.

Page creator Hayden, who did not want to reveal his last name due to fear of online reprisal, said he started the page because he had seen too many people who didn’t give ‘‘two rats how they park’’.

‘‘I started it to make everyone aware in the Wollongong area that there are people out there who park like absolute crap to be honest,’’ he said.

‘‘There have been so many situations I have encountered, all different.

‘‘I sure hope to make everyone aware that there are people out there who will send in a photo of you parking bad when the opportunity arises.

‘‘I have personally seen a lot of people park in silly, idiotic and most weird places,’’ he said.

‘‘No matter how much money you earn, how powerful you are, who you know, what you do, parking is parking, park between the lines and in designated areas and you will be fine.’’

A Wollongong City Council spokesman said rangers were able to fine a person $104 for parking on the footpath or nature strip, as well as for parking on the side of the road, facing the wrong way.

However, the spokesman said the council would not be using images in Wollongong Crap Parkers to issue fines.

‘‘Council’s rangers use primary evidence which includes witnessing the offence and taking photographs,’’ he said.

‘‘The integrity of the information is important as people have a right to appeal fines in a court.’’

Do you have a crap parking photo? Send it to cos@illawarramercury.com.au or upload it to our Facebook or Twitter to include in our online gallery.


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