Letters to the editor: I need more time for lunch

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I’m in year 5 at Illawarra Christian School and I think school lunchtimes should be longer. We have lots of things to do at lunchtime, it is not as useless as some people think.

 My first reason is that we don’t have enough time to eat. Some kids don’t eat their food just so they can go and play. It is very hard when the bell rings and you are still eating your apple.

 If kids don’t eat their food they won’t have enough energy to learn. If they don’t eat their food they won’t get healthy food and vitamins that they need.

The children have many things they have to do at recess such as, eat their food, work out what game they’re going to play and sometimes that causes arguments.

 If the playtimes were expanded then that means the kids have time to play and they can also get exercise.

Kate Robinson, Cordeaux Heights

Time too short

I am writing to express my feelings about how long children get to play. I am in year 5 at the Illawarra Christian School, so I know the time we get is quite short.

 On average a school student gets to play for an hour and a half. This may sound like quite a lot of time to you, but in this time some like to run around, others like to kick a ball around, and for some it’s a time to catch up on homework.  Once you have eaten, organised what to do, and got where you’re going to do it, it makes playtime even shorter!

 If adding extra playtime is not an option, teachers could simply add a  ‘sport time’ to the daily schedule.

Hannah Gerritsen, Cordeaux Heights