Watch Clive Palmer storm out of 7.30 interview

Going ... Clive Palmer gets up.
Going ... Clive Palmer gets up.

Clive Palmer has stormed out of an interview on the ABC's flagship television current affairs program, 7.30 bringing the segment to an abrupt end.

In an interview with the show's notoriously unflappable host Sarah Ferguson, in which Mr Palmer appeared from New Zealand, the leader of the fledging balance of power party bristled when the subject moved from Senate shenanigans over today's carbon tax repeal debacle, to his company's business affairs and claims of misuse of Chinese funds.

Asked to repeat comments from earlier in the week suggesting money from a port account paid in by his Chinese business partners had been used to pay for a political campaign run by the management firm Media Circus. he got angry.

"I never said that, what I said was that we paid Media Circus from money that was paid to us," he said.

He said the money used to fund the political campaign which helped the Palmer United Party secure an amazing three senators and one lower house MP from the 2013 election, was owned by his company for services provided to the joint venture.

He said a deed cited by Ms Ferguson which stipulated that funds from the port account could only be used to invest in the port project was "just not true".

"Everything you've just said is not true," he said.

"This is just a beat up by the Chinese that don't want to pay for our iron ore, they want to take over our ports, uses their lobbyists, flash their money around because they're a state-owned company and subvert Australian democracy."

"Don't talk to me about allegations and bullshit, talk about judgments from the court ... I'm not discussing it with you any further madam, it's subject to court proceedings where we're suing them for $600 million ... I'm not answering any more for you so goodbye, we'll see you later."

And that was how it ended with Mr Palmer unplugging his earpiece and leaving the camera shot.

The walk-out capped off a big day for the controversial millionaire businessman turned politician, who campaigned to end the carbon tax but used his numbers twice this week to frustrate its repeal - the second time voting directly against the repeal bill with Labor and the Greens.


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