Mum, teen attacked during visit to Wollongong

A pizza delivery driver and a family visiting Wollongong for the weekend were victims of two separate robbery attempts by the same man, a court has heard.

Ross Alexander Doherty, 31, confessed in Port Kembla Local Court on Wednesday to carrying out both attacks in May, in each case demanding money from the victims.

The court heard Doherty first struck around 9.30 on a Saturday night, confronting the Dominos Pizza employee as he was returning to his car from delivering pizza to a unit block in Corrimal Street.

Doherty approached the man near his car and said: ‘‘What are you looking at c---?’’

The victim told Doherty he didn’t want any trouble, however Doherty did not back down, telling him he had a gun so he’d ‘‘better give me ... money’’.

The driver quickly got into his car and locked the doors.

When Doherty couldn’t get inside himself, he repeatedly punched the front and rear windows of the car until the man was able to drive off.

He returned to the store and contacted police immediately.

The following day Doherty violently attacked a mother and daughter as they were walking from their North Wollongong hotel into the CBD.

The court heard the tourists, in Wollongong for the weekend, were walking along Corrimal Street when they encountered Doherty walking in the opposite direction.

As he passed the pair he slapped the older woman on the head and called her a slut, before grabbing her on the shoulder and demanding she give him money.

When the woman insisted she didn’t have any, Doherty turned his attention to the daughter, prompted the mother to scream at her to run.

Doherty chased after the teenager but was unable to catch her.

Instead, he again grabbed the older woman, this time trying to pull her jacket over her head.

He eventually let go and fled down the driveway of a nearby unit block when residents came to the family’s assistance.

Two male passers-by detained Doherty moments later.

In court on Wednesday, Doherty entered formal guilty pleas to two charges – one of demanding property (with menace) with intent to steal, and a second of assault with intent to rob.

He will be sentenced in the District Court next month.