Is your job on the most endangered list?

If Postman Pat were to find himself negotiating the job market of today, it's likely he would need an open mind to a career change.

In today's fast-paced, technology-rich world certain careers are changing drastically, and in some cases becoming obsolete.

The growth of the digital sector has particularly changed the state of job security, taking what were once relevant and reliable occupations out of the hands of humans, and hard-wiring them into computers.

In June, consultancy Deloitte mapped how Australia's key 18 industries would fare at the hands of the "digital disruption juggernaught".

The report singled out six industries, representing one third of the $1.4 trillion Australian economy that were vulnerable to a substantial impact within a short space of time.

The sectors are: finance, retail, media, arts and recreation, real estate and information technology.

This disruption trend combined with slower economic growth has led to a reduction in job opportunities in many industries. 

US job search site Career Cast has this week released its own study into the job market, forecasting expected decline in employment opportunities out to 2022.

Flick through the gallery above for the top 10 most endangered jobs of 2014.

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