Helensburgh preschooler cut from PVC pipe

A hacksaw was needed to free a four-year-old boy after he became stuck in a piece of PVC pipe at a Helensburgh childcare centre on Tuesday afternoon. 

Paramedics, NSW Fire and Rescue officers, and police responded to the incident at Helensburgh Community Preschool about 12.30pm.

Fire and Rescue NSW inspector Don Pescud said the boy appeared to have been swinging on a tree when he fell and landed inside the pipe.

“We had a pumper from Engadine and a pumper from Helensburgh who started the extraction with a hacksaw and finished it off with a mini-grinder,” he said.

Engadine Fire and Rescue NSW station manager Tony Williams said the boy had fallen feet first into the 30-centimetre piece of PVC piping.

“He was standing up in it, his head was level with the top of it,” Mr Williams said.

“He was very calm – one of his teachers was... supporting him. He was good as gold.”

 Helensburgh Community Preschool spokeswoman Rachel Foster downplayed the incident, saying the boy had ‘‘bent his knee’’ after stepping into the piece of pipe, which was used to cover a tap.

She said he had been playing near a bush about a metre tall when the incident happened.

‘‘Rather than try to pull him out they [staff at the centre] called emergency services to cut the plastic cover,’’ she said.

‘‘All of our procedures were followed... the piece of pipe has been removed. He was fully supervised at the time.’’

The boy was uninjured.