Stoush with Illawarra builder unresolved

The home belonging to Tarrawanna man Wayne Gregory.
The home belonging to Tarrawanna man Wayne Gregory.

A home owner and a high-profile Illawarra builder remain at loggerheads over the completion of a house mired in bureaucratic and external works delays.

Tarrawanna man Wayne Gregory and Jason Gow, managing director of Gow Constructions, which owns the Illawarra franchise for G.J. Gardner Homes, were both given a dressing down during a NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal hearing on Friday by Senior Member Norman Colley, who urged the pair to better communicate.

Mr Gregory claims the builder has shirked contractual obligations relating to the completion of drainage and other external works, leading to lengthy delays.

However, Mr Gow claims the works are outside the scope of his contract and need to be dealt with by Mr Gregory. The argument was among a series of issues raised by both parties.

‘‘You’ve come along to tribunal for counselling rather than a determination,’’ Mr Colley said.

‘‘The issues that remain really rely on taking the bit by the teeth and getting on to council.

‘‘I think you should both co-operate on this.’’

This week Mr Gow lodged a new application with Wollongong City Council which, if approved, may improve the likelihood of the property being issued an occupation certificate, allowing Mr Gregory to move into the home.

In a Mercury report late last year it was revealed several home owners had accused the builder of defective and poor quality workmanship.

At the time the Mercury spoke with 10 people who had had dealings with Gow Constructions.

‘‘In a small number of cases where a customer has not been satisfied, we have worked with them to find a fair outcome in accordance with our legal obligation,’’ Mr Gow said in December.