The Block Glasshouse recap: Hurricane Dee blasts through

Hurricane Dee is a breath of fresh air for The Block Glasshouse in a series that needs someone to stir the pot.

If it weren't for Victorian Deanne Jolly, teammate and husband of former AFL footballer Darren Jolly, Tuesday night's episode would have lacked any genuinely funny moments.

But luckily for the Nine Network, Deanne, dubbed Hurricane Dee in promos, is keeping it real and being entertaining in the process.

Contestants were off on the their first challenge set by host Scott Cam at HQ and Chris and Jenna from western Sydney led the charge in hamming it up for the car cameras as the radio played.

Fixer-uppers ... Darren and Deane Jolly are taking on The Glasshouse.

Fixer-uppers ... Darren and Deane Jolly are taking on The Glasshouse.

But Melbourne local Dee was having none of that rubbish.

"The next song that comes on we are singing, alright?" said Darren.

"No babe, I'm not doing that s*** I told ya," Dee replied.

"Listen, I'm just going to be me and if I would normally sing, I will, but if I wouldn't then I'm not going to.

"So you can put on an act and do all that crazy s*** if you want but I'm not."

Maxine and Karstan from Newcastle won $5000 for building the winning scoreboard featuring Cam's old motorbike.

Afterwards, Maxine loses her car keys only to remember she stuffed them down her bra - "whoopsy daisy" - and buys artwork from a French art dealer who farewells her: "Kiss kiss hello, kiss, kiss goodbye."

"I think I attract French people," the tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed events manager sighed.

"I have got no idea why."

As another day of renovating the inner Melbourne 1980s office block wound to a close, Darren and Dee headed home to spend an evening with their two young daughters.

It seemed unfair as none of the other teams can just duck out for a night to see their families and it will remain to be seen whether or not this perk creates tensions with the other contestants.

Michael and Carlene from the Gold Coast were shaken up when they learnt their young son had been taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.

"I am just trying to get my s*** together," a tearful Carlene said.

"We knew it would be hard but finding out that (son) Paddy has had to go in an ambulance to hospital - that's when you should have your parents there."

The couple were free to return home to be with their son but decided to remain after news he was in good spirits.