Shellharbour bouncers attacked after man denied entry

A Coffs Harbour man assaulted two security guards after being denied entry to an Illawarra pub three times because he was too drunk, a court has heard.

Daniel Ferreira, 22, had been out drinking with family members at the Shellharbour Club one Thursday night last November when the group decided to head  to the nearby Ocean Beach Hotel about midnight.

The group arrived by taxi but were denied entry to the hotel due to their individual intoxication levels.

Unable to accept no for an answer, Ferreira twice tried to sneak into the pub – once via the back doors and again via the car park area.

On both occasions, he was turned away by security staff. However, on the second rejection, Ferreira retaliated, punching both security guards in the face. He then ran from the area.

Police arrived shortly after and interviewed both guards, who suffered minor injuries.

Ferreira was later identified as the culprit and spoken to by police by  phone.

He attended Lake Illawarra police station in February this year, when he was formally charged with two counts of assault and one count of attempting to re-enter a licensed premises as an excluded person.

Ferreira pleaded guilty to each charge in Port Kembla Local Court on Friday, saying he had been highly intoxicated on the night and had not remembered the assaults.

The court heard Ferreira, who has previous convictions for similar offences, had acknowledged he had an alcohol problem and had sought treatment, leading him to recently quit drinking altogether.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart noted Ferreira’s progress but said his poor criminal record offered little room for leniency. He sentenced him to nine months’ jail but agreed to suspend the sentence on the condition Ferreira continue his treatment program.