Greyhound racing review ‘ignores’ animal welfare

File picture.

File picture.

The state government inquiry into greyhound racing has ignored the ‘‘huge welfare issues’’ and it’s business as usual, a lobby group said yesterday.

Neither the preliminary report nor the industry’s animal welfare strategy addresses welfare concerns in any significant way, a spokeswoman for Gone Are The Dogs said.

‘‘In fact we think the welfare strategy merely exists to dupe the public into thinking that the industry is doing something when it is really business as usual for the dogs.’’

The inquiry committee has recommended that Greyhound Racing NSW and/or the government commit greater resources for greyhound rehoming, including allocating funding for adoption centres.

‘‘This is vague and says nothing,’’ the spokeswoman said.

‘‘There is no discussion of breeding limits, stopping people killing greyhounds or to increase licence fees to pay for rehoming.’’

She says just 300 greyhounds out of 90,000 born in a 10-year period were taken in through the industry’s adoption program.

‘‘Until they address the welfare of all 9000 greyhounds born in NSW each year, we know they are not taking greyhound welfare seriously.

‘‘We want assurance from the NSW government that no further tax money goes to fund this crippled industry,’’ the spokeswoman said.

The RSPCA also expressed  disappointment, saying the inquiry failed to provide the reform the industry needed.

“Clear evidence of significant overbreeding and high injury, wastage and euthanasia rates have not been adequately dealt with,’’ RSPCA Australia scientific officer Jade Norris said.

‘‘The inquiry also failed to recommend comprehensive data reporting to address the current lack of transparency and accountability by the industry,” Dr Norris said.

‘‘Without mandatory reporting and a detailed code of practice covering all stages of greyhound breeding, rearing, training and racing, many of the serious and systemic welfare concerns highlighted in the report are likely to continue.’’

The RSPCA welcomed the inquiry’s proposal to improve the capacity to investigate complaints of live animals being used to train greyhounds. It supports  recommendations relating to the socialisation, breeding, rehoming  of greyhounds and racetrack design.