The picture that left Offspring stars hanging

The extended Proudman clan ... and the family portrait that has left a nation hanging.

The extended Proudman clan ... and the family portrait that has left a nation hanging.

Are we saying goodbye? Offspring season 5 concludes.

Are we saying goodbye? Offspring season 5 concludes.

It's the picture that is leaving Offspring fans hanging as to whether they will ever see the Proudman family again.

Fans are divided over whether they are ready to let Nina's clan go but they agree on one thing: the season five finale was a ripper.

Network Ten has not confirmed whether or not Wednesday's episode was the last ever.

Offspring writer Michael Lucas and Debra Oswald sounded like they were saying goodbye to the show.

"Thank you for 5 years of family, fantasies, sex, tears, babies, shenanigans & ridiculous amounts of LOVE #Offspring," Lucas tweeted.

Oswald tweeted: "So grateful to all my brilliant sexy and talented #offspring colleagues."

Stars of the hit show also joined the Offspring lovefest on Twitter. Actor Lachy Hulme, aka Dr Martin Clegg, wrote: "I had an absolute cracker watching "Offspring" tonight... as this photo will attest. @pattybrammall @Eddieperfect".

Hulme's tweet was accompanied with a screenshot of himself and fellow Offspring actors Eddie Perfect and Patty Brammall.

Kate Jenkinson, who played Patrick's sister in season four, tweeted: "Unabashedly cried during the finale of #Offspring. So proud of all my friends, and so happy that I was a part of that incredible show XX."

Comedian Celia Pacquola, who plays Ange and wore a pink fairy costume to Zoe's first birthday and kissed Elvis, said: "DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IS WAS FOR ME TO KEEP THAT FAIRY COSTUME A SECRET? #offspring #reallyhard #didntgettokeepit."

As the finale drew to a close on Wednesday night, many fans were convinced they were watching the final ever Offspring and took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

"After watching #offspring ... with 25 girls it's looking like we might have just seen the #finale last ep #ever #offspring," Donna Pangallo tweeted.

The Project host Carrie Bickmore and devoted fan wrote:

"I can't believe I am gonna say this ... but I think I am ok if this is the last ep ever ... #offspring," she tweeted.

"I can't stop bawling ... s*** ... I am hopeless.

"And to all those yelling 'it's just a tv show!' .... it was so much more ... #offspring."

Mamamia founder Mia Freedman said she was also ready to farewell the Proudmans.

"As devo as I feel about saying goodbye to the Proudmans after 5yrs, it's time. It's ended perfectly."

But there are are still plenty of fans yearning for season six.

"I need to see Nina and Leo have more babies. This is a basic requirement for my future. Food, water, shelter, #offspring," @RoseMHarris said.

"There has to be another season so we can see more of THAT Nina. Legend," @kymogorman tweeted after Nina told cheating Thomas he meant nothing to her and to never contact her again.

"That was the most powerful piece of television I have ever seen. I'm crying. This is too much. Just. Love. Everything. #offspring," @andrew93 said.

Chief programing officer Beverley McGarvey said Ten would like to make series six and was in still in discussions with the producers.

That said, the season five finale felt final: Nina was ready to love Leo and stay at St Francis and Mick returned home for Billie.

Another season of Offspring would be more expensive to make because tax rebates have dried up. with AAP and Aja Styles