Boys rob woman at Fairy Meadow

A woman was robbed by two youths, one believed to be about 10-years-old, at Fairy Meadow on Sunday.

The woman, 30, was walking down stairs at Fairy Meadow train station at 5.50pm when two male youths ran towards her, police said.

One of the boys pushed the woman before grabbing her mobile phone and headphones and then running off towards Elliotts Road.

A few minutes later one of the boys ran back to the woman and returned her headphones.

Police want to speak with two boys.

The first is described as being of Caucasian appearance, about 10-years-old, about 140 centimetres tall, a skinny build and blonde hair. He was last seen wearing a white and black sports shift, dark-coloured shorts, running shoes and a black baseball cap.

The second male is described as being about 15-years-old, with a skinny build, and tanned skin. He was last seen wearing a light silver t-shirt and long tracksuit pants.