Idea has beers helping soldiers

Former soldier Nathan Pitt came up with a plan to help injured comrades. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI
Former soldier Nathan Pitt came up with a plan to help injured comrades. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

When you buy a schooner of Australia Draught, you are quite literally helping injured Australian soldiers and their families.

The new beer comes from the makers of Broo Lager and state manager Nathan Pitt, who lives in Flinders, said 20 per cent of the proceeds from Australia Draught were donated to two military welfare groups.

Mr Pitt, himself a former serviceman who served in Afghanistan, said the idea came up while talking with Broo Limited owner and "best mate" Kent Grogan.

"I suggested it to Kent - being a serviceman and having a large number of friends who have departed and been injured due to their service," Mr Pitt said.

"I ran it past Grogs and he said, 'right let's give 20 per cent to it'."

Mr Pitt said he joined the company only after he finished serving in Afghanistan - even though Mr Grogan had been asking him to do it for years.

"I said 'mate, the mission hasn't been completed, we're still at war and I can't leave'," Mr Pitt said. "I couldn't leave the army and help develop the beer while mates of mine were still serving overseas. It didn't sit well with me."

But he started work there after being discharged in October last year as Australia pulled troops from Afghanistan.

"I see Australia Draught's commitment to my brothers and their families is something that goes well beyond what I can do with a rifle in my hand," he said.

As far as the beer itself goes, Mr Pitt said the target market was "beer-drinking Australians".

"It's a very broad market I know, but there's never been a beer like ours," he said. "Every beer would have its local identity. Carlton products were drunk down in Victoria. Tooheys products were drunk in NSW, nobody's ever done a nation-based beer the entire country can relate to."

At the moment the beer is only on tap at four places in the region - Towradgi Beach Hotel, Windang and Albion Park bowling clubs and Robertson Hotel.


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