Court hears of pregnant woman's knife terror

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A Unanderra woman accused of breaking into a wheelchair-bound man's home and threatening his heavily pregnant daughter is expected to plead guilty, Port Kembla Local Court has heard.

Melissa Jackson is accused of attempting to enter the man's home by smashing a front window with a knife handle.

The 29-year-old then ran to the front door, yelling, "I'm going to get you f---ing dogs, let me in," before running off, police have alleged.

The man rang his daughter who, after arriving, allegedly saw Jackson walking towards her with a knife. Terrified, the pregnant woman started to run towards her father's yard, grabbing a pole to protect herself.

She rang triple-0 while Jackson headed towards the house, wielding the knife and yelling "Let me the f--- in", the court has heard.

When police arrived, they allegedly found Jackson hiding under the house.

She was arrested and charged with stalking, aggravated breaking and entering with a dangerous weapon and damaging property.

An application for bail made in the local court in March was refused. However, Jackson was later granted bail by the Supreme Court.

Legal Aid solicitor Laura Fennell said the matter was very close to being finalised and would likely not proceed to trial. She said pleas would be entered on the next date and the matter would be finalised by way of sentencing. Negotiations were still under way about whether some of the charges might be withdrawn.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Andrew Kingston told the court an application for a forensic procedure would be cancelled.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart adjourned the matter to September 17.