25-year-old's bizarre rampage explained

Matthew Boyle had no business being on the road.

High on a potent dose of the drug "ice" that had sent him into psychosis, the Fairy Meadow man stole a car and went on a bizarre rampage through Fairy Meadow and Fernhill in July.

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old was sentenced in Port Kembla Local Court to 15 months behind bars for the terrifying spree.

Boyle was spotted hot-wiring a Ford Laser in a University of Wollongong car park on Squires Way, Fairy Meadow, about 3.30pm on July 17 and when approached by a witness yelled at the man "F... off or I'll stab you with a syringe", before driving off.

Minutes later, Boyle crashed into the driver's side door of a taxi on Elliotts Road. He failed to stop, instead dumping the still-running car across a driveway in Fernhill.

He was next spotted rummaging through the glove box of another car by the vehicle's owner, who had been gardening at his Fernhill home.

When asked what he was doing, Boyle got out of the vehicle and mumbled "I give up" before wandering off.

He then stole a pushbike from a Tarrawanna garage before police finally tracked him down attempting to jump a fence on Pringle Road.

Officers found Boyle had hidden a pair of gardening secateurs down his pants.

They also discovered he was disqualified from driving until 2024.

Legal Aid solicitor Laura Fennell told the court her client had suffered an adverse psychotic reaction to a very strong batch of ice and went to the car park because he was terrified bikies were after him.

"He believed he had to take [the car] to get away from those people," she said.

In sentencing Boyle, Magistrate Michael Stoddart said his reaction to the methamphetamine had been unfortunate but did not excuse his behaviour.

Boyle was sentenced to 15 months jail with a release date of October 2015.