Berkeley truckie advised to get new job

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File picture.

Getting back behind the wheel proved to be wishful thinking for "lead foot" truckie Daniel Roland Ayoub.

The Berkeley man failed in his bid to have a four-month driving suspension overturned in Port Kembla Local Court on Thursday, and instead magistrate Michael Stoddart suggested he consider a career change.

"You're just a lead foot," Mr Stoddart said. "I think you need to find a new occupation."

Ayoub, who holds a Queensland licence, had his visiting driver privileges withdrawn by the RMS for a four-month period as of July 30 on the grounds he was "not a fit and proper person" to drive on NSW roads.

Now living in Berkeley, the 40-year-old works as a full-time truck driver.

Ayoub's lawyer, Daryl Quirk, said his client had been driving 60 hours a week for the past eight months without committing other offences, demonstrating he was a good driver.

He said the notice withdrawing Ayoub's driving privileges should have been sent after his last offence in October 2013. "Had it been done in a timely manner, the four months would have already been served," he said.

However, Ayoub had racked up 50 offences in the last 13 years, six of those since 2011, the court heard.

Mr Stoddart read from the last three years of Ayoub's record, highlighting the seriousness of the offences.

"He has a dreadful record, most of them are speeding [offences]," he said. "There's a speeding matter, then not wear seat belt, then speeding, speeding, speeding, speeding."

In September last year, Ayoub was clocked travelling at 130km/h in a 100km/h zone at Cataract, Mount Ousley, driving a truck.

At the time he told police, "I'm not even loaded, I'm just heading home," according to documents before the court.

Just three weeks later he was pulled over at Menangle for driving 135km/h in a 110km/h zone.

In 2012 Ayoub was busted at Lake Heights travelling at 81km/h in a 50km/h zone, telling officers he was running late for his father's birthday.

Nixon Hanna, appearing for the RMS, said Ayoub's offences since 2011 equated to 19 demerit points.

"Mr Ayoub is described as a professional driver. I think there's nothing professional about your record - it's a disgrace," Mr Stoddart said.