Car crashes into house at Albion Park Rail

A loud crash awoke residents of an Albion Park Rail street in the early hours of the morning, when a car smashed into the front of a house.

At about 1am on Friday a driver allegedly went through a T-intersection and collided with a house on Oak Street in Albion Park Rail.

Police said it appeared as though the car was travelling down Ash Avenue when the driver failed to stop at the T-intersection of Oak Street. 

After colliding with a kerb the vehicle went through the front fence of property, into a parked car before eventually colliding with a residential home.

A resident ran outside to find a car on its side. 

A person got out of the vehicle holding their head and then fled the scene running down Ash Avenue towards Albion Oval. The driver of the car could not be located.

Police were contacted and arrived shortly after. The dog unit also attended then scene and commenced a track, but experienced difficulties with other dogs in yards and contamination from residents exiting their premises. 

The car is in possession of police and will be examined. Investigations continue.