The Kransky Sisters: sibling antics en route

The Kransky Sisters will perform at the IPAC on August 29.
The Kransky Sisters will perform at the IPAC on August 29.

Nothing gets musical comedy trio The Kransky Sisters moving quite like an AC/DC hit.

When the Aussie legends come over the wireless in the ladies' rural Queensland home, the siblings can't help but jump to their feet and rock out.

"We particularly like AC/DC, we've loved them since we were young," eldest sister Mourne told the Mercury.

"You can really move to them; sometimes we can't help but get up and do a little step in the loungeroom."

The oddball group is the brainchild of performers Annie Lee, who plays stern matriarch Mourne, and Christine Johnston, who portrays her sister, Eve.

The pair devised the characters and their fictional back story - siblings who were discovered by a neighbour while singing along with their wireless - that has taken them around the nation in their 1958 Morris Minor.

The duo, along with youngest sister Dawn (Carolyn Johns), offers a smorgasbord of comedy, tales from their travels and popular tunes, all played on an eclectic bunch of instruments.

"Eve has played the saw for years, our father gave it to her," Mourne said.

"I found the toilet brush - it makes a lovely sound when you slap it on the keyboard, plus it helps to keep it clean.

"We used to play the cheese grater but it brought back too many bad memories of our mother punishing us with it."

Illawarra audiences can expect the trio's take on a cavalcade of hits with everything from Abba to Pink Floyd and Beyonce up for parody.

"We love the Queen [Beyonce], our mother taught us to follow her," Mourne said. "We also sing a lovely song by MC Hammer; we particularly like that one."

The Spicks and Specks regulars have won several awards for their eccentric shows, including a Greenroom Award for best cabaret ensemble.

The trio have also had success overseas, even wowing celebrities with their talents.

"We received an award in Scotland and [actor] Gabriel Burn was there," she said.

"He said he liked us and our stories about our home.

"He asked to come and see our show and then we had some photos with him, it was very nice."

Despite spending hours on the road together, Mourne said the sisters rarely got sick of each other, playing games of I Spy to pass the time.

"We don't mind being on the road together," she said.

"I always sit in the front and Eve sits next to me, she's very good at coming up with I Spy clues but Dawn always gives away the answers; there's one in every family."