Motorcycle joyrider 'lucky to be alive'

A teen who crashed a stolen motorbike while taking it for a joy ride, severely injuring himself and one of his three passengers, should think himself lucky to be alive, a magistrate has said.

Magistrate Graham Blewitt made the comment while sentencing the 17-year-old in Port Kembla Children's Court on Monday for break and enter and unlicensed riding offences.

"I think everyone should be grateful that you weren't killed," he told the youth.

"It was extremely dangerous."

The court heard the 17-year-old was with two mates when he stole the motorbike from the unlocked garage of an Albion Park home on December 14, 2013.

The trio initially removed two motorbikes and two helmets from the McCoy Place home, but were forced to flee with only one of the bikes after being confronted by a concerned citizen in the street, police facts said.

The 17-year-old rode off on the motorbike with his two mates as passengers.

They later picked up a third as they took the vehicle for a joy ride around Warilla.

None of them were wearing helmets or protective gear.

Alerted to the theft, the owner's son took to the streets in search of the bike and soon spotted the group travelling along Windle Street in Lake Illawarra.

He attempted to block the motorbike's path with his car, resulting in a crash.

The four boys were thrown from the bike. The 17-year-old hit a metal street sign and his younger passenger hit a power pole.

Both spent several weeks in intensive care.

The older teen suffered such severe injuries to his right leg that amputation was considered. The younger boy ruptured his spleen and seriously damaged his left kidney.

The other two passengers were not significantly hurt.

Sentencing the 17-year-old, Mr Blewitt noted that it was the first time he had come before the court.

He placed the teen on a 14-month good-behaviour bond.